Gardens/ Rock/ Mulch 

-Design/ Install Gardens

-Install Rock and Mulch 

-Revive Mulch/Rock Beds

Retaining Walls 

-Custom small Gard walls

-Large structure retaining walls 

-Bolder retaining walls 

Paver Patios 

-Paver patios 

-Natural stone pavers 

-Fire pits/ living areas 

Create  Your Perfect Landscaping Only With Lakeville Lawn Care and Snow Removal 

No work required, you only need to to give Lakeville Lawn Care A Call.

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Retaining Walls 

For all your retaining wall installation Lakeville Lawn Care and Snow Removal has you covered. From the littlest retaining wall in Lakeville to the largest retains wall we know how to do it. Our retaining wall specialist spend time staying up to date on the latest processes so your wall is always done right. We work close with our retaining wall suppliers, engineers, designers and costumers so your retaining wall is perfect to you! 


Engineered Retaining Wall


Slope Defining Retaining Wall

Garden Retaining Walls 

Mulch/Rock Install Lakeville

Lakeville Lawn Care and Snow Removal are your mulch experts in Lakeville. Mulch is usually reapplied in the early spring, but we can always accommodate you latter in the year if needed. Lakeville Lawn Care has a special approach to your mulch needs. Our simple Prouce means you don’t have to think about mulch after meeting with us. Here is the simple steps to replenishing your mulch beds. 

 1. Lakeville lawn care comes out and meets with you and discuses your mulch need i.e. color type ex. This takes about 15 minutes

2. We then measure your mulch beds so you only pay for what you need no extra mulch or money wasted on guessing.

 3. You will then receive a written bid of total cost of your mulch. 

 4. After approval of estimate we sign the contract and get to work. 

 5. Lakeville Lawn Care delivers installs and most importantly cleans up after we are done. 

 6. You get to enjoy your mulch and beautiful yard.  

Custom Gardens In Lakeville

Lakeville Lawn Care is always excited to brag about our Gardner. With over 20 years experience in MN she knows what works and what looks good. We will do every thing from talking care of your current garden to creating and designing new ones. From low maintenance to over the top there is something for everyone.  

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