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We Can Help You With All Your Lakeville Lawn Need

Commercial Lawn Care Lakeville

We provide FULL services lawn mantic to commercial property all over Lakeville MN.

Residential Lawn Care Lakeville

From lawn mowing to fertilizer snow removal and everything in-between we have you covered in Lakeville MN.

Landscaping Lakeville

Retaining wall, Paver patios, New Gardens, Sod, and much much more. WE ARE YOUR LAKEVILLE LANDSCAPING team! 

Fall cleanup leaf blowing

Spring Clean Up!!

We are offering Spring Clean Up which includes:

Pruning deciduous plants to increase healthier spring growth

Blowing and raking leafs that have fallen. Cleaning up sticks and doing your first edging of the season..

First lawn cut of the season

• Cut to 2 inches for the best look and healthy spring growth. 

Removal of all leaves and debris from Fall Clean Up.

*We reserve the right to deny business to anyone for any reason.* 

Spring Mulch Install 

Our mulch speaks for itself. We have a clean clear path to install mulch. Whether you’re looking for a new garden or just a refresh we can help. We service alll of Lakeville with garden work and mulch and rock. 


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Need Lawn Care and Snow Removal?

Our team provides you with total lawn care and snow removal in Lakeville, Minnesota. We are locally owned and operated and take pride in our work — your backyard is literally our backyard. Check out our services and let us know how we can help.

Lawn Care 
Snow Removal 
Spring Cleaning 
Fall Clean Up

Why choose Lakeville Lawn Care and Snow Removal?

Locally Owned 

We are locally owned and operated. We take pride in being a small, local company looking to help our neighbors with their lawn and snow removal needs.

No Hassle Contracts

We do not have contracts to lock you in to work that’s subpar. We believe our work speaks for itself, and you will enjoy seeing our teams in your neighborhood. 

Savings You See 

With no contracts we are able to pass the savings on to everyone. I f its your 1st cut or your 100th cut you will get the same fair price and same excellent service. 


We treat your lawn like it’s our own backyard, because you live in our backyard. When we cut, nothing less than amazing is acceptable. Caring for your lawn and snow is our 1st priority.


Q: What makes Lakeville Lawn Care and Snow Removal different from other companies?

Our company believes in fair prices. With no contract you don’t have to be worried that you are going to pay for sub par work. We believe our work is our contract and perform amazing every time. 

Q: Are you bonded and insured?

Yes Lakeville Lawn Care And Snow Removal is both licensed and insured. We can provide copies upon request.

Q: Are my Lawn and Snow Pro’s trained and supervised?

Yes, We at Lakeville Lawn Care And Snow Removal belive in constant self improvement. We offer and require training. All our crews are trained and overseen onsite by a Certified Crew leader. 

Residential Lakeville Snow Removal 

We at Lakeville Lawn Care and Snow Removal are experts in snow removal in Lakeville. For our residential clients we offer competitive price structures. You can receive snow removal at three different snow fall depth. First is called zero tolerance; this snow removal is done no matter how little snow we get and keeps your side walks and driveways clean at all the time. Second way for snow removal is a one inch trigger; this means that we come out and remove your snow if we get one inch or more. The final is a two inch trigger this is the most common snow removal package we offer. As with the one inch trigger this trigger happens at two inches. We strive to have all snow removed by 8 am allowing you and your family to continue unhindered from the snow storm. With no contracts you only pay for the snow removal services you use. Never pay for service you don’t need or get. 

Here is how it actually works


After services are agreed upon we scheduled the work to be done. 


All our work is done with pride and is guaranteed to be completed to the highest industry standards. 


Our company bills at the end of every month. For any work done that month. You only pay for what you ordered.

(952) 492-9388 

Lakeville Lawn Care and Snow Removal