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Our mission is to serve the Lakeville community one smile at a time.”

From Elliot:

I couldn’t wait to be old enough to use the gas mower. From pulling the ripcord and the smell of gasoline to the reward of fresh lemonade for a job well done, the whole thing was like magic to me.

Finally, when I got the chance to use the mower on our yard, I wound up making a big mess. When Dad mowed the lawn it looked like a golf course and when I did it, well it looked like the opposite.

Week after week I chased the example Dad had set and one sunny day I found myself standing in the street looking at my yard, and I couldn’t stop smiling. The lines were perfect, I had a decent stripe, and not a single one of Mom’s flowers got hurt.

The glass of lemonade that day tasted sweeter. The sun was brighter and the world seemed to shrink around that perfect lawn. From that point on I was hooked and I’ve never looked back.

In all these years I’ve never got tired of the smell, perfect lines, and those golf course stripes everyone wants. My curiosity about the perfect lawn helped me figure out things like fertilizer, aeration, and irrigation along with a handful of tricks that will leave you standing in the street with the same smile I had all those summers ago.

Our mission is to serve the Lakeville community one smile at a time. That’s what we’re chasing every day, it’s that moment when you pull up and see your lawn and can’t help but smile. That’s how we measure success, not by how many trucks we have or how big we get.

We figure that if we stay focused on Lakeville and do the absolute best job we can we’re doing pretty good. From taking care of your lawn to removing snow and everything in between I want you to know that little kid who wants to do a good job is alive and well and our staff is just as excited as I am about making you smile.

I sign this as the owner of Lakeville Lawn Care

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Aeration is all about timing. We schedule aeration appointments in September or October because weeds don’t germinate in the fall. This is a double win for your lawn as you get the benefit of opening up the soil to drink in nutrients without risking weed overgrowth.

Absolutely not. Your Lakeville lawn will be much happier by skipping this step altogether. Grass trimmings create a healthy layer of thatch that prevents root rot, root burn, and a variety of other problems. Be on alert for lawn care providers who want to charge you for bagging grass so they can sell you unnecessary root treatments.

This is an essential ingredient in our lawn care recipe. Dethatching helps give your lawn a healthy look by removing dead grass to make room for new healthier, greener growth.

Get rid of them quick, fast, and in a hurry. Leaves are a nuisance that stop healthy grass in its tracks by blocking air and light. A common myth about leaves is that they will just break down and create a useful layer of thatch. This is 100% wrong.

This is governed by the Lakeville area city ordinance. Here is a link to the city’s website with more details. This is a good time to mention that we can install and service automatic sprinkler systems so you can put your watering on autopilot.

No. Mulch is your lawn’s friend. It’s a great fertilizer that deters weeds and looks good while doing it.

The biggest problem we see with irrigation systems is watering too much. You could easily be washing away the nutrients your grass needs to thrive. Another pesky problem with automatic systems is aiming. We’ve seen houses in Lakeville where as much as half of the water is getting sprayed on the driveway. 

It’s the weird name for the mower attachment that aims to cut grass as it’s ejected. It’s useful for putting grass clipping where it makes sense and keeping them out of your garden.

The spring or late fall are ideal for trimming most shrubs in the 55044. Timing is important with shrubs so avoid mid-year trimming if you want to keep them happy.

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